False Alarm on MEM “InnoDB Tablespace Cannot Automatically Expand”

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    MEM is throwing false alerts regarding the InnoDB autoextend capabilities. We got couple of alert from MySQL Enterprise Dashboard saying “InnoDB Tablespace Cannot Automatically Expand”. When we check the DB my.cnf configured correctly.
    Following solution was applied to correct the issue.

    The issue is caused when the connection pool is being exhausted after reading the initial variable values. A connection will be attempted to evaluate the SQL function locate() for the rule, since it does not exist in the JAVA code. The attempt fails since a connection cannot be established, the function defaults to false causing the rule to fail, and so a false alert is sent.
    This was repeated in test cases to justify the cause of the false alerts.

    Increased default.maxActive from 70 to 150.
    1. Open the file #INSTALL_DIR/apache-tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/config.properties in your favourite text editor.
    2. Locate the line “default.maxActive=70″.
    3. Change the line to be “default.maxActive=150″ (or a larger number if required, but 200+ should not be needed).
    4. Save the changes to the file.
    5. Restart the tomcat service (example is for Linux/Unix installs):
    shell> ./mysqlmonitorctl.sh restart
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